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New appearance of Dien Bien Phu city after 70 years of liberation

TQO - The war has receded, based on the ancient battlefield of Dien Bien Phu in the past, there is a young city with a new appearance.

The appearance of Dien Bien Phu city is invested in modern and synchronous construction.

The roads are spacious, clean and beautiful.

Dien Bien Phu City is developing and aiming to become one of the tourism and service centre of the Northwest region.

Bauhinia flower is one of the typical flowers of the Northwest mountains.

Northwest girls pose amidst the beauty of bauhinia flowers.

New projects have been invested in and built, creating a highlight for Dien Bien Phu city.

Currently, Dien Bien Phu city is making efforts to promote historical values to develop tourism.

The flower symbol is associated with the land and people of Dien Bien.

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