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Colour of spring in Tuyen Quang

TQO - Brilliantly coloured flower streets and the bustling atmosphere in preparation for Tet of local people have created a colour of spring in Tuyen Quang.

The peach blossom market in the area of ​​the route through Nguyen Tat Thanh Square, Tuyen Quang City.

Local people wrapping 'chung' cake.

Children posing for a photo amidst colour of spring.

The streets of Tuyen are bustling with spring colours.

People go to buy peach blossoms.

Red lantern quarter on Chien Thang Song Lo street.

Pictures of spring flower street on 17/8 Street, Tuyen Quang City on the days of Tet.

Bringing spring home.

A family going out to prepare Tet holiday on Nguyen Tat Thanh Square, Tuyen Quang City.

A corner of Tan Quang Ward in the last days of the year.

The flashing decoration of the electronics store attracts customers at this time.

Customers buying lanterns and home decorations.

The space of the old New Year is reproduced on the pavilion at the memorial park lake.

Tuyen Quang City is imbued with shimmering colours.

The image of an old tiger at the flower garden on Chien Thang Song Lo Street, Tuyen Quang City.

Quang Hoa

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