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Various forms of propaganda

TQO - The propagation and dissemination of legal education for ethnic minorities has always been focused on promoting by Tuyen Quang Province in many different forms.

In order to bring the law to ethnic minority areas, the Department of Justice has carried out a provincial scientific project "Research on solutions to effectively carry out law dissemination and education for ethnic minorities in remote areas in Tuyen Quang Province". The Department of Justice has organized 2,801 propaganda sessions and mobile legal aid for over 96,000 turns of ethnic minorities; compiling and distributing 720,000 sets of legal propaganda documents. Monthly, the department compiles legal propaganda documents and post them on electronic information sites for agencies and units to exploit and carry out propaganda for grassroots.

At the same time, agencies and units in the province have also organized propaganda and legal education for ethnic minorities. Propaganda contents focus on undertakings and policies of the Party and State on ethnic affairs, ethnic policies being implemented in ethnic minority and mountainous areas.

With various forms of legal propaganda and dissemination, suitable for people in ethnic minority areas, law violations in ethnic minority areas have decreased significantly while traditional cultural values ​​are significantly promoted. Currently, sectors and localities are continuing to replicate good practices so that people can access the law equally and effectively apply it to their lives

Hoang Trang

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