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A warm spring

TQO - The cold wind of winter cannot dispel the warm feelings of organizations and individuals who are joining hands to help the poor and people in difficult circumstances as the Lunar New Year approaches.

With many different forms of support and help, one thing in common is the affection and sharing of the whole community for the poor. The program "Giving social insurance books and health insurance cards to people in difficult circumstances" is an activity to spread the State's security policy throughout the Vietnamese social insurance industry and the social community regarding the giving of social insurance books and health insurance cards. for people in difficult circumstances. Those who are given social insurance books and health insurance cards are ethnic minorities and belong to the group of subjects who are not paid or supported by the State budget to pay health insurance; People who do not have health insurance cards are considered to have just escaped poverty; People from near-poor households, people with an average living standard who do not participate in social insurance or health insurance, and people in other difficult and disadvantaged circumstances.

Agencies, units, businesses, and philanthropists are also actively participating in supporting, helping, and giving Tet gifts to poor, near-poor, and disadvantaged households, ensuring that every household has Tet gifts, not leaving no one behind. The program "Tet Gathering - Spring Sharing" of Trade Unions at all levels aims to encourage union members and workers with the motto "Everyone, every home, union members, and workers have Tet" . Enterprises, despite a year of many efforts to overcome difficulties and challenges, maintain production and business, have actively contributed to activities for social security during the 2024 Lunar New Year. Program "Border Spring warms the hearts of villagers" of the border guards in the provinces and the people together to celebrate Tet safely, cheerfully, excitedly, economically, imbued with national cultural identity, and deeply loved. army.

Tet gifts from agencies, organizations, units, and businesses have been and are being delivered to beneficiaries, ensuring quick and timely help for everyone and every home to enjoy Tet and welcome spring safely. healthy, warm.

Duc Anh

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