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Restoration of the traditional dance of the Cao Lan people

TQO - With the desire to preserve the cultural identity of the Cao Lan ethnic group and turn their culture into a unique tourism product, the members of the Cao Lan preservation club's cultural identity in Dong Son Village, Chan Son Commune (Yen Son) have collected and restore many traditional dances.

The dance reflects the life activities of the Cao Lan people.

In order to restore traditional dances, members of the club all learn from each other and research some traditional dances of the Cao Lan people of other localities. Initially, the members of the club mastered a number of dances such as shoveling shrimp, spotted dove, etc.

Cultural treasures of Cao Lan people are extremely diverse. Along with practicing traditional dances, the club also practices Sinh ca singing, preserving traditional voices and costumes, and teaching love of traditional culture to the younger generation.

The club has 32 members, including students. Some children in grade 5 can sing Sinh ca and dance some traditional dances. That is the motivation for elderly people to have more enthusiasm to preserve and teach the younger generation, so that Cao Lan culture spreads forever.

Hoang Anh

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