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Upland green sticky rice

TQO - Every autumn, the weather becomes cooler that is when the Tay people in the highland districts of Tuyen Quang such as Lam Binh and Na Hang start making green sticky rice. The young, fragrant green sticky rice is crystallized from the quintessential taste of heaven and earth, captivating anyone when enjoying.

The Tay people call the green sticky rice "Mat pau" to refer to the green sticky rice as pearls. Green sticky rice in highland of Tuyen Quang is made from yellow flower sticky rice, giving off a gentle fragrance in the autumn weather. The young rice harvested by the Tay woman before the sun rises, still has morning dew. The rice at this time is not too young but also not too old to give a batch of fragrant green sticky rice.

After being harvested, the sticky rice is divided into small bundles and then dipped in water. Then, it is put on bamboo pallet and dried.

Green sticky rice can be processed into many different dishes such as fried rice and green rice flake cake, etc.

Duong Cam

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