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Banh rom - a traditional cake of Tay people in Tuyen Quang

TQO - 'Banh rom' is a unique dish of the Tay ethnic group in Tuyen Quang Province.

Previously, 'banh rom' could be used as an offering in important ceremonies of the Tay people, but now it is made all year round and become a popular dish at festivals, fairs, and local markets both inside and outside the province.

It is quite simple to make 'banh rom'. High-quality glutinous rice is soaked in water for about a day, sifted and the grounded to smooth, pure white and flexible flour. This dough is used to prepare the cake crust. 

The cake has two types of stuffings, including sweet filling cake (pounded green beans and sugar) and salty filling cake (minced lean meat, cat’s ear and mushroom, onions, and pepper).

Next, the banana leaves are washed and steamed to make it soft and clean. The cook must be very careful and skillful while putting the flour and stuffing in the leave tidily, rolling up the leave, folding the leave’s edge tightly, then steaming the cake during 20 minutes.

After that, the cakes are picked up. People can feel the fragrance of the filling, glutinous flour and the special smell of banana leaf.

Hai Yen

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