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Bamboo pole dance - vibrant dance in ethnic cultures

TQO - Bamboo pole dance is a vibrant dance that is preserved by ethnic minorities in most of the exchanges, meetings and community activities. Currently, bamboo pole dance is also exploited by homestay facilities as a unique experience cultural tourism product.

Visitors enjoy a bamboo pole dance with Cao Lan ethnic people in Dong Son Hamlet, Chan Son Commune (Yen Son).

Hoang Thi Tho, owner of San Tho homestay, in Na Kha Hamlet, Nang Kha Commune (Na Hang) said that to create a entertainment space for visitors, she arranged a spacious campus. Especially, there is a large yard for outdoor activities such as campfires and bamboo pole dance. Compared with campfire activities, bamboo pole dance seems to be more attractive to tourists. Therefore, her homestay facility cooperates with some households in the hamlet to publish a performance team. The members of the performance team in traditional costumes of the Tay ethnic group will sing Then, play Tinh gourd lute and dance bamboo pole with tourists, bringing many interesting experiences to visitors.

Dam Thi Hanh, a member of the Cao Lan cultural identity preservation club in Dong Son Hamlet, Chan Son Commune (Yen Son province), expressed that in order to attract visitors to Dong Son, club members not only maintain the melodies folk songs and dances of the Cao Lan people, but also invest in bamboo pole dance to meet the needs of tourists.

Bamboo pole dance is a characteristic and unique culture of ethnic minorities in the highlands. Developing this dance into collective activities is a way to promote and introduce authentically and vividly the culture of ethnic minorities. Through this activity, ethnic people send a message of solidarity and attachment in ethnic communities.

Hoang Anh

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