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Thom Loa tea

TQO - Realizing that the cool climate and fertile soil are suitable for the growth and development of tea plants, in 2021, the People's Committee of Tan An Commune (Chiem Hoa) established Tan An Agriculture, Forestry and Service Cooperative to plant and produce tea with an area of nearly 7 hectares of tea trees in Thom Loa area, Tan Hoi Hamlet.

The cooperative has 15 members engaged in tea production and raw material processing. Participating in the cooperative, members are trained, transferred techniques on safe tea processing.

Tea trees in the locality are grown and harvested in strict compliance with technical processes. The tea harvesters are girls who having skillful and agile hands. After being harvested, tea leaves will be poured out and then crushed and dried.

It takes 6 kg of fresh tea to make 1kg dry tea. Currently, Tan An Agriculture, Forestry and Service Cooperative collects an average of 1.2 quintals to 1.7 quintals of fresh tea buds per day. Thom Loa tea has been recognized as meeting VietGap standards and is in the process of recognized 3-star OCOP products.

Thom Loa green tea tree has now become a source of livelihood for local people and is a typical product of Tan An Commune. With the right investment attention and long-term orientations for a clean raw material area, Thom Loa green tea is expected a local specialty product.

Thom Loa tea growing area, Tan Hoi Hamlet, Tan An commune (Chiem Hoa).

Members of Tan An Agriculture, Forestry and Service Cooperative, Tan An Commune (Chiem Hoa) harvest fresh tea.

Thom Loa tea product, Tan Hoi Hamlet, Tan An Commune (Chiem Hoa).

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