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Keeping jobs for workers

TQO - Due to the impact of the market, many businesses are facing a shortage of orders from now until the end of the year.

To keeping jobs and stabiize incomes for union members and employees, labor unions at many enterprises have advised the board of directors to allow for workers to extend work, reduce overtime and not terminate labor contracts as well as employees to take leave until the end of the year and include the leave of 2023 and offer a plan to take a whole month off Tet while waiting for new orders.

Trade unions are also actively involved with the authorities to connect and support job search for the number of union members, employees who have been laid off.

Keeping jobs for workers is a temporary solution but also a long-term solution for both businesses and union members and employees. When the economy recovers, businesses will not have to pay the cost of finding and recruiting workers when there are orders back while union members, workers and employees who have jobs immediately without disturbance of employment.

Doan Thu

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