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Commercial frog farming model in An Tuong

TQO - The commercial frog farming model of Duong Hong Son in An Tuong Ward (Tuyen Quang City) has brought high economic efficiency.

The commercial frog farming model of Duong Hong Son's family.

Duong Hong Son (24 years old) graduated as a Fisheries Engineer of Vietnam National University of Agriculture. Son also worked for 9 months at GreenFeed Vietnam Joint Stock Company, one of the famous companies in the field of breeding and production of animal feed, poultry and seafood. Those years have equipped Son with a lot of knowledge and experience to decide to start a business from raising frogs right in Tuyen Quang City.

"There is currently no frog raising model in Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang while the demand for frog meat is quite high. Grasping the needs of customers, I boldly invested in this frog farming model", Son said.

In 2021, Son borrowed VND200 million to develop a commercial frog farming model. Due to the rapid growth of frogs and quick growth rotational time, after only 4 months, Son had paid off the loan to the bank.

This year, the price of frogs increased. Traders in provinces of Hanoi, Bac Ninh and Hai Duong come to the farm to buy frogs, with the price of VND55,000 per kg. He sold 20 tons of frogs, earning more than VND1 billion. After deducting expenses, he earned a profit of over VND500 million.

In 2021, An Tuong Ward Youth Union connected and helped Son put frog meat on sale at the OCOP Tam Huong Store and sold 7 quintals of frog meat.

"Recently, I was also instructed by An Tuong Ward Youth Union to complete the procedures to register for the contest, write a profile for the contest "Youth Entrepreneurship Ideas 2022" under Provincial Youth Union in November’, he shared.

Currently, Son's frog farm creates jobs for 4 main local workers, with a salary of VND5 million per person per month. Son's goal in 2023 is to expand the model, with an estimated output of about 55 tons -60 tons of frogs. This model is being organized by the An Tuong Youth Union for union members to visit, study and replicate in the future.

Thu Huong

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