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Tan My promotes afforestation

TQO - Tan My Commune, Chiem Hoa District is known as a forest metropolis. The locality possesses over 3,000 hectares of acacia forest. Acacia trees have played an important role in eradicating poverty and enriching people. The local people in Tan My consider the acacia tree to be "green gold", helping them to improve their lives.

The 5-year-old acacia forest of Phan Van Minh's family in Trung Son Hamlet, Tan My Commune.

Vice Chairman of the People's Committee of Tan My Commune Quan Van Tham said that, identifying the development of forestry as a strength, in recent years, Tan My Commune has promoted afforestation in the direction of goods, growing new varieties of new high yield trees.

The commune has actively cooperated with functional agencies to open training courses on afforestation for people in the locality. Tan My Commune has also communicated to people about the benefits of afforestation, considering forests as the main crop in economic development in the commune.

The commune has over 5,000 hectares of forests, including over 3,000 hectares of production forests. In addition, the commune has mobilized people to participate in the development of high-quality forests according to FSC standards. Currently, 1,800 hectares of forest in the locality have been granted FSC standard certificates.

To increase the value of planted forests, the commune authorities have encouraged and invited businesses and individuals to invest in wood processing workshops, creating jobs and income for the local people. To date, there are 4 workshops for processing wood chips and peeling boards in the commune, creating jobs for dozens of local workers.

Annually, the commune's forest revenue is over VND20 billion. Forest development is an effective way to exploit the potential and strengths of the commune as well as it is an opportunity for forest growers to really get rich from the forest.

Ban Thanh

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