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The beauty of yin and yang tiled roofs in Khau Trang

TQO - Hong Thai Commune (Na Hang District) is not only well-known for its stunning terraced fields, white pear blossom season, but also famous for the beauty of the wooden houses with yin and yang tiled roofs at the culture-tourism village in Khau Trang Hamlet. These houses have existed for hundreds of years with a nostalgic allure and imbued the unique traditional cultural features of the Dao Tien ethnic people, attracting many tourists both inside and outside the province.

Khau Trang Hamlet has 94 households with 446 people. In which, the Dao Tien ethnic group accounts for 99% population. Fifty-six households in the hamlet are possessing wooden houses which was designed under traditional architecture with yin and yang tiled roofs, creating a community of yin and yang tile houses.

Local people use use clay from wet rice fields and baked it for many days in a charcoal kiln to make tiles.

The ancestors called them yin-yang tiles because alternate tiles face up and down when roofing.

The Dao Tien people often build wooden houses with 3 compartments and 2 wings, surrounded by wooden walls and roofed with yin and yang tiles. On average, each house is covered from 1 to 1,500 tiles.

In recent years, many households in the village have changed to making traditional houses with yin and yang tiled roofs.

There are 6 households in the hamlet using traditional houses to develop homestay services.

Ton Duong

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