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Na Tong develops community-based tourism

TQO - Taking advantage of the topography, climate and cultural identity of ethnic minorities, the local peope in Na Tong Hamlet, Thuong Lam Commune, Lam Binh District have developed community-based tourism, attracting many tourists.

Tourists experience tourism services in Na Tong Hamlet.

Na Tong Hamlet is known for its traditional stilt houses of the Tay ethnic minority people. Since 2015, the hamlet has begun to appear some households developing community-based tourism. Realising the economic benefits from the development of this type of tourism, up to now, there are 11 households in the locality developing this service.

Coming to Na Tong, visitors not only have a chance to rest and admire the hundred-year-old stilt houses of the Tay ethnic group, but also enjoy the folk songs of the ethnic minorities. To date, the hamlet has established 12 teams to perform for tourists. Traditional crafts in the locality have been restored and preserved such as weaving, embroidering, cake making, etc.

In addition to good services, tourists are also satisfied with the cuisine in the locality. The main food is the "specialty" dishes of the local people, including wild vegetables, fish in the pond, hill chickens and pigs, etc.

Currently, households developing homestay services in Na Tong Hamlet are linking with households in the locality to focus on growing specialty vegetables, raising livestock to provide food, developing community- based tourism.

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