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Exploring Tham Nam Cave in Tuyen Quang Province

TQO - Tham Nam Cave in Bien Hamlet, Phuc Son Commune, Chiem Hoa District has been ranked as a provincial relic enabling it to benefit for preservation and the promotion of ecotourism in association with homestay community-based tourism in Bien Hamlet.

The natural cave is located in a primary forest with many rare species of flora and fauna. The cave is considered beautiful in both its form and structure.

The beauty of Tham Nam Cave attracts many tourists.

The cave has a length of 550 meters, a height of about 18 meters, with a dome-shaped mouth. The thousand-year-old stalactite system along with the fresh air inside the cave have attracted a large of number visitors..

Aiming to take advantage of the tourism potential in Bien Hamlet, Chiem Hoa district authorities have conducted projects to develop the community cultural village in Bien Hamlet, Phuc Son Commune associatin it with visiting the cave complex in Phuc Son commune.

With its natural beauty and convenient ways to get there, Tham Nam cave is sure to be an indispensable attraction in Tuyen Quang Province for many visitors.

Hoang Anh

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