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Developing Na Hang ecological lake in association with environmental protection

TQO - In terms of sustainable development of tourism, environmental protection is one of the big challenges in the Na Hang ecological lake tourist site.

Na Hang District has focused on promoting communication and education measures to raise public awareness of environmental protection while organising various training courses for local officials and people.

The youths collecting waste at Na Hang ecological lake area.

Na Hang District People's Committee has put up posters on environmental protection and placed garbage bins for collection disposal at the wharf area in Na the town of the same name.

The tourist boats in the locality have been equipped with trash and auxiliary structures. Before each tour begins, the tour guides often encourage tourists to keep the environment and landscape clean, and not to litter, especially plastic bags and plastic waste.

In the near future, Na Hang District People's Committee continues to come up with solutions to improve the quality of the tourism environment. Accordingly, the district will focus on calling for investment resources, completing the technical infrastructure system in the destinations, and boosting communications to raise public awareness of environmental protection.

Quoc Viet

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