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The success key of Nhuong

TQO - Ma Thi Nhuong used to be an officer of Yen Son Forestry Company Limited. In 2017, she was appointed to be the Secretary of the Lang Chap Hamlet. She was the youngest female secretary of the hamlet in Trung Son Commune at the time of her assignment.

Ma Thi Nhuong (leftmost), Secretary of Lang Chap Hamlet, Trung Son Commune, Yen Son District and members of the cooperative take care of cucumber gardens.

She always believes that the leader must be an example and do well. Therefore, she opened a factory to produce and trade forest trees. Her establishment has provided nearly 100,000 forest seedlings for the market, creating jobs for 4-5 seasonal workers with the average income is from VND3 million to VND4 million per month.

She not only provides seedlings but also mobilizes local people to develop their economy from afforestation. She shared that the hamlet now has more than 340 hectares of forest, including nearly 200 hectares of production forest. Many households have actively planted forests to become "forest model points" for people to visit and experience.

With her responsibility in deeds, Nhuong has increasingly built her reputation with the people, especially the Mong people. The hamlet has 14 households of Mong ethnic group. In 2020, the State implemented the construction of the road from Lang Thang Hamlet (Kim Quan Commune) to Lang Chap Hamlet with the policy of people clearing the ground without compensation. Nhuong and local authorities mobilized 9 Mong households in the hamlet to donate 4,500 m2 of land.

Giang Lam

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