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The people of Dong Danh contribute to their homeland innovation

TQO - Local people in Dong Danh Hamlet, Duc Ninh Commune, Ham Yen District are not only self-reliant but also help each other to rise up. It is a precious tradition for many generations to make Dong Danh grow as strong as it is today.

Roads to the production area in Dong Danh are concreted.

Dong Danh Hamlet has 4 ethnic groups living together: Kinh, Tay, Nung, Dao, and Cao Lan with 135 households. The current per capita income is VND42 million per person per year. Dong Danh has only 3 poor households according to the new poverty line.

The total area of fruit trees in Dong Danh is now up to 115 hectares, with 1 recognized sample garden. In the hamlet, a cooperative group is also formed to grow safe vegetables. The whole hamlet has 5 hectares of safe vegetables. That's why Dong Danh is called "the green land".

In addition, people in the locality also actively contribute to building a spacious rural infrastructure without relying on the investment of the State. Currently, 100% of households in the hamlet have 3 standard sanitation facilities.

Whatever the hamlet's work, the people enthusiastically contribute. In 2022, the village deployed over 800 meters of in-field roads and solidified nearly 600 meters of canals.  Many roads in the village

have street lights.

This year, the hamlet deployed 1.3 km of lighting lines. The hamlet mobilized each household to contribute VND550 thousand. After only 1 week of launching, households have paid in full.

Not only step by step self-reliant to solidify the roads, the people of Dong Danh hamlet also contributed money to invest in perfecting the cultural institutions of the village cultural house, meeting the needs of cultural activities of the people.

Thanks to the consensus of the people, Dong Danh's appearance has become brighter so that the new rural criteria of the hamlet are always maintained sustainably.

Thuy Chau

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