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Following the flower seasons

TQO - The journey of following the honey bees of Trieu Van Cuong, a Dao ethnic man in Dong Bang Hamlet, Tan Yen Town, Ham Yen District started from the beginning of the year to the end of December.

He said that wherever there are fragrant flowers, beekeepers come. Wherever the bee is, people will also be there. Every few months beekeepers migrate according to the flower seasons. He has to follow the bees every hour in new lands and take care them like a baby.

Trieu Van Cuong (in the middle) exchanged his experience of beekeeping with local people in the district.

From January to April, when flowers of apricot, plums, longan, mangoes and avocados bloom, Cuong takes the bees to Vinh Quang Commune (Chiem Hoa) or runs down to Bac Giang and Bac Ninh provinces to suck longan lychee nectar. From the end of April to July, the bees are brought to the communes in Ham Yen District to collect acacia honey. From early September to November, he brings bees along the journey to Quan Ba, Dong Van (Ha Giang) to get mint nectar. Thanks to the bee movement according to the flower seasons, the quality of bees' honey in each season is different.

Cuong's family has 300 colonies of bees with a regular income of over VND20 million per month. In addition, he has actively developed bamboo rat model. To stimulate demand for the product, he learns to take photos and shoot videos to promote his products through social network. His family's products are consumed both inside and outside the province.

Chairman of the Farmers' Association of Tan Yen Town Tran Van Cuong said that this is a typical and effective model of beekeeping. Most of the products of Cuong's family is linked and consumed through cyberspace.

Giang Lam

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