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Improving capacity of the health sector in Tuyen Quang Province during period 2022 - 2025, orientation to 2030

TQO - On August 5, the Provincial People's Committee issued Decision No. 482 on promulgating the Project "Improving the capacity of the health sector in Tuyen Quang province during the period of 2022 - 2025, with orientation to 2030".

1. Perspectives

- Ensuring the success of the objectives and tasks of caring, protecting and improving the people's health

- Implementing tasks, synchronous solutions, specific roadmaps at each level

- Focusing on investing resources, building and perfecting the health network, especially the grassroots health care; creating positive changes in the operation mechanism, financial management, human resources, scientific research; improving the competitiveness of public health in medical examination, treatment and preventive medicine

2. Goals

* General objectives:

- Implementing solutions synchronously, actively investing resources, developing facilities, promoting health work socialization and health communication

- building and developing a modern, synchronous and step-by-step health system that harmoniously combines public and non-public healthcare, ensuring capacity improvement at all health levels.

* Particular objectives:

- By 2025:

+ 38 hospital beds, 10 doctors, 1.5 university pharmacists, 25 nurses/10,000 people; 10% private hospital beds

+ The rate of people's satisfaction with health services reaches over 80%

+ 100% of commune health stations have doctors; 100% of communes meet the national criteria on commune health; Over 80% of health stations in communes and townships carry out the prevention, management and treatment of a number of non-communicable diseases

+ Less than 20% of children under 05 years old are malnourished; 95% of children under 1 year of age are fully vaccinated

+ Natural population growth less than 1%

+ 100% of units and fields of medical examination and treatment practice financial autonomy

+ New construction: Tuyen Quang General Hospital, My Lam Mineral Spring Hospital, Ham Yen Medical Centre; Provincial Centre for Disease Control

+ Completing and upgrading constructions: Hospital of Traditional Medicine; Lam Binh Medical Centre; building and upgrading health stations in communes and townships

+ 100% of provincial hospitals, treatment areas of district health centres, district general hospitals develop and implement projects on financial autonomy and human resource autonomy

- By 2030:

+ 40 hospital beds, 11 doctors, 2 university pharmacists, 30 nurses/10,000 people; 15% private hospital beds

+ The rate of people's satisfaction with health services is over 90%

+ Children under 05 years of age are malnourished under 16%; Over 95% of children under 1 year of age are fully immunized with all types of vaccines

+ Natural population growth below 0.9%

3. Tasks and solutions

- Consolidating the organizational apparatus to improve operational efficiency throughout the system

- Developing human resources for health to meet the increasing and diverse needs of people's health care and protection

- Improving preventive medicine capacity

- Developing a network of medical examination, treatment, rehabilitation and emergency system

- Continuing to innovate the financial mechanism

- Investing in upgrading facilities and medical equipment

- Strengthening socialization, attracting investment to develop high-tech centres

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