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Criteria for a model new rural commune in Tuyen Quang Province in the period of 2021 - 2025

TQO - On August 4, the Provincial People's Committee promulgated the Criteria for a model new rural commune in Tuyen Quang province during the period of 2021 - 2025.

1. Reaching new and advanced rural standards in the period of 2021 - 2025.

2. The average income is over 10% compared to the advanced rural communes at the same time.

3. There is at least 1 hamlet meeting the “Smart Village Criteria”

4. Criteria for manufacturing organisation

- 50% of key agricultural products certified according to standards

- Enterprises, cooperatives associated with consumption of key products reach 100% of output

- OCOP products are recognised from 4-star products or more.

- 1 model of agricultural production applying high technology

- 30% of key products sold through e-commerce channels

- There are no multidimensionally poor households in the 2021-2025 period

- There is a public lighting system in residential areas and communal roads.

5. Educational criteria

- Communal learning community is evaluated and graded for 2 consecutive years

- Kindergarten and high school are recognized and awarded with national standard level 1

6. Criteria for culture and tourism

- Products about culture and tourism rated OCOP 4-stars

- More than 90% of villages have culture and performance clubs regularly operating

- Over 1 rural tourist destination operating effectively

- Applying information technology in management and administration; organizing exhibitions and promoting tourism and cultural products by using digital technology

7. Environmental criteria

- 90% of households access to clean water

- 100% of daily-life solid waste and non-hazardous solid waste are collected and treated

- 100% of livestock establishments ensure veterinary and environmental hygiene regulations

- Over 80% of households segregate solid waste at source

- Over 80% of households collect and treat domestic wastewater

- 100% of households have latrines, bathrooms, sanitary water storage equipment

- There is a model of environmental protection that operates regularly and effectively

- More than 60% of commune, village and inter-village roads have drainage ditches, flowers and ornamental plants

- There is a public lighting system in residential areas and communal roads

8. Security and order criteria

- Recognition of communes meeting the standard of “Safety in terms of security and order”

- No resident citizens violate the criminal law

- Having a security camera system

- Commune police achieved the title of “Advanced Unit” or higher level

- 100% of conflicts and disputes at grassroots are successfully mediated

- 100% of villages have an effective security and order protection model

9. Criteria for public administration and digital transformation

- Over 95% of people and businesses are satisfied with administrative procedures

- Over 99% of documents and administrative procedures are returned on time

- “Assessment score” according to the Digital Transformation Evaluation Index on “Online public service provision”, “Document management and administration system”, “Human resource training and development" reach over 80 %

Thu Hang

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