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Youth participate in building new rural areas

TQO - Tuyen Quang is making efforts in the process of building new rural areas. In particular, the force of union members and youth, with their role as a shock force with youth, dynamism, and creativity, actively participates in activities and movements to build new rural areas, contributing to building the homeland.

Chiem Hoa district youth volunteer to build rural concrete roads.

Union members and youth of Thuong Nong commune (Na Hang) participate in building a bridge for people in Vang Vai village.

Construction of the youth.

Union members and youth of Na Hang district participate in building electric lines to light up rural roads.

Son Duong District Youth Union held the inauguration and handover of the project "Bright - Green - Clean new rural roads" in Khe Thuyen 3 village, Van Phu commune.

With the strength of youth, union members and young people have made an important contribution to the entire province installing nearly 1,000km of canals with precast concrete structures (Youth of Tho Binh commune, Lam Binh district participated in installing canals ).

Youth of Chi Thiet commune (Son Duong) supported people in building canals and fields in Binh Yen village.

Union members and youth of Thuong Lam and Lam Binh communes participated in "3 together" to support leveling the ground for households in difficult circumstances.

The youth volunteer movement to participate in environmental protection has been implemented by many localities (Da Vi Commune Youth Union organized environmental cleaning in Khuoi Tich village).

Union members and young people participate in painting murals in Kim Quan commune, Yen Son district.

Union members and youth organized a volunteer campaign in Ham Yen district.

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