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Na Hang strives to attract investors in Khuon Phuon industrial cluster

TQO - The project of Khuon Phuon industrial cluster in Na Hang Town was approved by the Provincial People's Committee in 2016. Up to now, a number of items in the industrial complex have been invested and constructed.

The infrastructure of Khuon Phuon industrial cluster (Na Hang District) is being constructed.

Khuon Phuon industrial cluster is expected to be planned with a total area of up to  20.54 ha. The investment project on construction of technical infrastructure of the cluster has a total approved investment capital of VND82.2 billion.

Na Hang district has planned the technical and social infrastructure system, general assessment and selection of land for construction of the industrial park, the traffic network, the construction boundary determination, etc. The functional subdivision is expected to give priority to the development of key industries such as mineral processing, construction material production, forest product processing, seafood processing and handicraft production.

Currently, the works of the common drainage ditches and the anti-erosion embankment of the project have been completed. The road systems in the industrial cluster are under construction with a volume of about 85% of the works. Upon completion of this project, it will ensure modern technical infrastructure, meet the requirements of advanced production technology and create favorable conditions to attract investors.

Khuon Phuon industrial cluster is expected to create a driving force for economic development in the area, towards the goal of bringing Na Hang Town to meet the criteria of IV-grade urban area.

The People's Committee of Na Hang District is now making efforts to improve the business investment environment, creating the most favorable conditions in terms of premises and legal procedures in order to attract enterprises to invest in Khuon Phuon industrial cluster.

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