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The vegetable fern plant salad

TQO - The vegetable fern salad with a slightly sour taste brings an unforgettable feeling for tourist when coming to the mountain areas in Tuyen Quang.

The vegetable fern, is an edible fern found throughout the upland regions in Tuyen Quang. They often grow in forest or on the banks of streams, under forest canopy with high humidity and lack of sunlight.

Making vegetable fern salad is very simple. After being washed and boiled during 2-3 minutes, the young fronds of vegetable fern are picked out to drain.

Next, prepare some spices such as chili, ginger, garlic, vinegar or seasoning. To make the dish more beautiful and fragrant, you can also add carrots or onions. Finally, vegetable fern is mixed with these spices.

When it's almost time to eat, sprinkle the crushed peanuts on vegetable fern salad to create the nutty and fatty taste for the dish.

Duong Cam

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