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Experiencing and making rice in bamboo tube

TQO - Referring to the cuisine in My Lam Ward, Tuyen Quang City, the first thing to mention is 'Com lam' (rice in bamboo tube) of the Cao Lan people with the unique flavour.

'Com lam' is made from upland sticky rice, bamboo tube and well water. Put sticky rice and water in the bamboo tube and then cover the mouth of the bamboo tube by banana leaves. Next, grill rice tube on charcoal until the rice is well-cooked.

Visitors enjoy experience of making ‘Lam rice’ at My Lam Sping Resort.

‘Lam rice’ is grill on charcoal.

Luc Thi Chi (middle) in My Lam Ward instructs tourists to peel the rice bamboo tube.

A Cao Lan girl in Phu Lam Ward, invites visitors to enjoy the 'rice lam'.

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