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Tan Trao lam rice

TQO - Lam rice (bamboo-tube rice) is a famous dish of local people in Tan Trao Commune, Son Duong District.

Tan Trao lam rice.

What makes Tan Trao lam rice delicious is the quality of the rice. Tan Trao Commune is blessed with a cool climate and fresh water source from Khuon Pen stream. As a result, the glutinous rice grains grown there are always round, sticky and fragrant. Local people often use this glutinous rice to cook lam rice.

The way to make this kind of lam rice is very simple. After being soaked for hours, glutinous rice is cleaned and filtered and then put in a tube that is made of bamboo. The cooking tube has one solid end and another end sealed by banana leaves. After preparation, the tube is roasted on the burning coal until the tasty smell of glutinous rice spreads through the pot.

Lam rice can be enjoyed on its own, or with sesame salt, grilled chicken and roasted pork.

Tan Trao lam rice is an indispensable dish for anyone who are interested in culinary discovery in the revolutionary homeland on the cold winter days.

Hai Yen

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