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Unique Tay conical hats in Tuyen Quang

TQO - Along with their outfits, palm-leaf conical hats further exalt the beauty of Tay ethnic women in Tuyen Quang Province.

To make a palm-leaf conical hat requires the makers to have dexterity and meticulousness in every processes, starting with the very first step of choosing a suitable bamboo tree to weave the cone into a hexagon shape.

The palm-leaf conical hat exalting the beauty of the Tay women.

The next step is the palm leaf selection. Palm leaves must be non-aged, neither too old nor too young, such that they have enough whiteness and toughness for making the hat. The leaves are heated over the fire and then dried for three nights cause their green colour to fade away.

The finished hat looks like a mushroom from the outside. Inside the hat is decorated with various patterns like flowers, butterflies, and stars.

For the Tay people, the conical hat plays an important role in their wedding ceremony. The hat is given to the bride when she goes to her husband's house, as her parents' memorabilia with their wish that she will be a filial woman and always love her husband and children.

In the districts of Chiem Hoa, Na hang, and Lam Binh, the elderly still practice the traditional craft of Tay conical hat making as well as passing on to their descendants the ancestral technique of making hats.

Canh Truc

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