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Special history book about Tuyen Quang

TQO - The book "Tuyen Quang in Dai Nam Thuc Luc" was written by the journalist Phi Van Chien.

The book "Tuyen Quang in Dai Nam Thuc Luc" is considered a meaningful gift that the journalist Phi Van Chien gave for his homeland on the occasion of the 190th anniversary of the founding of Tuyen Quang Province (November 4, 1831 - November 4, 2021) and 30 years of re-establishment of Tuyen Quang Province (1991 - 2021). The book is compiled under the governing body Tuyen Quang Newspaper and published by Social Sciences Publishing House.

This is a work that the author has diligently read, recorded, collected, edited and researched from more than 10,000 pages in 10 volumes of "Dai Nam Thuc Luc" for 10 years.

"Dai Nam Thuc Luc" (Royal Annals of Greater Vietnam) is the largest and most important official history of the Nguyen Dynasty, compiled by the National History of the Nguyen Dynasty and completed in 88 years (1821-1909).

The book consists main parts: Historical documents on Tuyen Quang collected from thousands of pages of "Dai Nam Thuc Luc". Especially the study of the documents in the book with the contents of the people who worked as mandarins in Tuyen Quang, their official positions in Tuyen Quang under the Nguyen Dynasty; Nouns and places of Tuyen Quang through the Nguyen Dynasty; The uprisings of the Tuyen Quang people against the Nguyen Dynasty. At the end of this book, there are nine valuable ancient maps of Tuyen Quang in the Dong Khanh period that have been translated from Han characters into national language.

The author hoped that this book will be a meaningful material for everyone, especially the young generation, who loves Tuyen Quang land and Tuyen Quang history to research.

Giang Lam

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