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Nurturing the love for culture of the Cao Lan people

TQO - As one of the few clubs still preserving the ancient crockery drum, Sinh Ca Cao Lan Club in Hamlet 10, Luong Vuong Commune, Tuyen Quang City has actively promoted the cultural value of the ancestors.

Members of the club performing the Chim Gau dance of Cao Lan ethnic group.

President of Sinh Ca Cao Lan Club Phan Thi Bac said that the participating of the elderly in the village is the advantage of the club, because they are not only knowledgeable about the traditional culture of the Cao Lan people but also know many traditional dances and 'Sinh Ca' melodies. Thanks to that, the cultural values ​​of the Cao Lan people have been preserved for many generations.

She also shared, initially, the club was established in 2015 with 20 members, but now, the total members of it is over 40 people.

Currently, in addition to preserving the traditional Chim Gau dance, the club has also proactively practiced more dances of 'Xuc tep' (shrimp shoveling), 'mua Con' (cloth ball dance), and 'cau mua' (good crop praying), etc.

Its members has also focused on writing new lyrics for Sinh Ca melodies for weddings, building a new countryside, and praising the innovation of the country, etc.

The club has maintained the language of the Cao Lan people in the community. In which, each member is the core preserver in their family. As a result, many Cao Lan children know both speaking ethnic language and singing Sinh Ca by Cao Lan language.

With a large number of members, Sinh Ca Cao Lan Club in Hamlet 10, Luong Vuong Commune has contributed to preserving and upholding the cultural identity of the Cao Lan people.

Hoang Anh

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