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Preserving traditional culture of Tay ethnic group in Ham Yen District

TQO - Over 35,000 Tay ethnic minority people are living in Ham Yen District, accounting for 20% of the district's total population. They continue to preserve many traditional cultural identities, especially the wedding rituals and Then singing.

Over the past years, the Then singing and Tinh (gourd) lute clubs have developed in the district. The whole district has formed and maintained 8 Then singing clubs and 19 performance groups in 18 communes.

Recently, the Then singing club of Thai Son Commune has been established with 15 members, operating once a week at the communal cultural house.

The Tay people of Thai Son Commune (Ham Yen) knitting "Soong" as gifts for audiences.

In addition, the club members have built models of making traditional knitting tool such as "Soong" (market baskets) as gifts for audiences.

Along with the Then melodies, the Tay people in Ham Yen District are also very interested in the wedding ceremony with 29 traditional rituals.

In order to uphold and promote the traditional values of the Tay people, the People's Committee of Ham Yen District has set many policies to encourage artisans to pass on precious materials to the younger generation, contributing to the elimination of unsound customs and cultural life building in their ethnic communities.

Le Duy

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