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The embroidery belt of Mong ethnic minority women

TQO - Materials using in the embroidery of belts include fabrics and colourful thread, such as blue, white, red, orange, blue and pink.

To facilitate embroidery, the woman cuts the piece of cloth into five segments with different colours including 3 red-orange segments and 2 blue segments, (each segment is 15cm long and 5-7cm wide). Then, each segment is embroidered with patterns like rectangles, flowers, leaves and spirals. The belt border is decorated with small triangles. Once the five segments are completed, they are joined together into a belt.

Ly Thi Vang in Minh Huong Commune teaching her children to embroider a belt.

For the Mong people, the spiral circle - an ancient pattern, symbolises fullness and other patterns such as grass, flowers, leaves reflect prosperity.

It often takes a few days to make a belt, but it may take up to 2-3 months to complete a belt with embroidery patterns.

Mong women’s diligence and creativeness help them in creating a unique traditional outfit, captivating the hearts of many people.

Hoang Anh

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