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Silver jewellery of Dao Tien woman

TQO - In the beliefs of Dao Tien ethnic people, silver not only beautifies their clothes but also displays the wealth of their family.

A complete set of jewellery includes necklaces, bracelets, earrings, shirt buttons, rings, and "xa tich".

Silver jewellery of the Dao Tien woman's costume.

The highlight of an outfit is the necklace, which is the most expensive item among the accessories, weighing from 100 grams to 300 grams in silver. Dao Tien women usually wear 3 to 6 necklaces.

10 halves of white silver coins are attached to the shirt, with each silver coin intricately carved with an eight-pointed star in the middle.

Notably, a set of "xa tich" includes rice ear-shaped strings hanging decorative items in shapes of fish, butterflies, chopsticks, and peaches, which are used to hold lime to eat betel. The set of strings is tied around the waist of the women with one side attached to the belt while the other slides along the hip.

For the Dao Tien people, silver jewellery is always an indispensable item in the women's traditional costume, especially at traditional ceremonies such as festivals, Tet holiday, and weddings.

Canh Truc

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