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Traditional stilt houses of Tay people in Bo Cung

TQO - There are 145 households in Bo Cung Hamlet, Kim Binh Commune, Chiem Hoa District, in which Tay people account for 50% of the population. The local Tay people have proactively pursued their modern lives while striving to preserve their cultural identities, especially stilt houses.

Thanks to the support from the State, the Tay community in the hamlet have renovated their traditional stilt houses for homestay services serving the development of local tourism. Each stilt house can accommodate about 20 to 30 people. Some houses have been equipped looms and traditional Tinh (gourd) lutes to serve tourists who want to discover the traditional culture of the Tay people.

Traditional stilt houses in Bo Cung Hamlet.

In the Tay people's concept, the staircase of the stilt house connects the ground with the floor and is considered as a bridge between yin and yang. There is always an odd number of steps. Tay people usually build the staircase with 9 steps to represent the 9 aspects of the soul.

A large stilt house usually has 5 compartments, each with a separate function. The first compartment is where the host receives guests, then the nave for ancestor worship. The next is usually the kitchen and the auxiliary compartments are for sleeping, living and paddy storage.

The simple but familiar cultural features of the Tay ethnic people in Bo Cung Hamlet are clearly shown in their living in stilt houses. Even now, the Tay community in Bo Cung are always aware of preserving their traditional stilt houses.

Hai Yen

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