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Long Tong festival in Tuyen Quang Provine

TQO - “Long Tong” means “Going to the Field”, a unique and typical agricultural festival of the Tay ethnic group in Tuyen Quang Province.

Ploughing ritual - an indispensable activity during the Long Tong festival.

The festival is annually celebrated between the 1st and 15th days of the lunar New Year in the districts of Chiem Hoa and Lam Binh.

It begins with a parade of nine trays of local specialties as an offering to gods in order to thank them for having got good crops and hope for a prosperous and peaceful new year. It is followed by a ploughing ritual, and ended with cultural activities and folk games, including con (“cloth ball”) throwing, stick pushing and tug of war.

Aiming to meet the demand of tourists during this year’s Tet holiday, travel agents both inside and outside the province have launched attractive tours such as Long Tong festival tour in Ban Cuong Hamlet, (Minh Quang Commune), Long Tong festival tour in Da Vi Commune, Long Tong festival tour in Chiem Hoa District, etc.

According to the visitors, all of Long Tong festivals across the province have a common feature of festival of going to the field in the new year of the Tay ethnic people in Tuyen Quang Province. However, the form of this festival in each locality is different, creating its own attraction.

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