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Lam Binh brocade colors

TQO - With the cultural diversity of the Tay, H’mong, Dao, and Pa Then, brocade is a unique feature in the traditional culture of ethnic minorities in Lam Binh district. Recently, brocade weaving has been revived as an effort to preserve and promote the culture of ethnic minorities here.

Traditional brocade products of ethnic minorities are woven to make dresses, shirts and some household items, souvenirs such as blankets, hats, scarves, etc.

For generations, women of all ethnic groups in Lam Binh district have always worked hard at the looms to maintain the traditional brocade weaving profession.

All products are embroidered with motifs and patterns simulating the shapes of plants, flowers, and animals, etc.

Brocade of the Pa Then people stands out with its red color.

The motifs on the brocade of the H’mong people are embroidered on a beeswax background.

Thanh Phuc

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