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Beautiful flowers in Phuc Yen

TQO - Young girls carrying all kinds of flowers, fragrant with the scent of the forest, appeared at the cultural festival in Phuc Yen commune (Lam Binh). They not only bring outstanding beauty but also a vivid and unique image of the cultural identity of ethnic minorities during the festival. This attracts many tourists' eyes and enriches the travel experience in Phuc Yen.

Young girls in Phuc Yen smiled brightly participating in the Phuc Yen Commune Cultural Festival.

The Tay ethnic girl stands out and is confident in the bustling scene of the festival.

Tourists take photos with young girls during the festival.

Women of the Tay ethnic group participate in the cuisine of wrapping ant egg cakes.

The joy of a couple at the festival.

The rosy cheeks and bright eyes of the young girl in Phuc Yen commune seem to be telling stories of the vast mountains and forests.

Canh Truc

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