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Economic efficiency from afforestation under FSC standards

TQO - In order to increase the value of forestry production, strengthen the management and sustainable development of forests, localities in Tuyen Quang Province are focusing on deploying to people to plant and take care of forests according to international FSC standards of Europe, opening a new direction in forest economic development for people.

Deputy Director of the Provincial Forest Protection Department Trieu Dang Khoa said that the province currently has over 36,900 hectares of forests certified according to FSC standards, in order to improve the efficiency and economic value of forests, local authorities have directed and instructed people to focus on completing the afforestation area as planned.

Pham Ngoc Manh in My Loc Hamlet, Phu Thinh Commune (Yen Son) one of the pioneers in afforestation according to FSC standards in the hamlet shared that, in 2015, more than 10 hectares of his family were registered FSC standards. His family's forest has been strictly managed and cared for according to the correct technique. At the same time, he also regularly checked and promptly checked dead trees to ensure the area and density of planted forests.

Do Tien Lu in Da Nang Hamlet, Tu Thinh Commune (Son Duong) shared that after being trained on international forest standards, burning vegetation is not good for the environment, the forest growers have moved change to safer plant treatment methods such as direct weeding and scavenging. In return, after about 1-2 years, that layer of vegetation will rot, creating looseness and porosity for the soil, so the tree will grow and develop faster. The use of herbicides and plant protection drugs must be of biological origin, without the use of drugs of chemical origin. Plastic waste after use is collected to ensure green - clean - safe standards to protect forests and environment.

It can be affirmed that the planting and tending of forests according to FSC standards has significantly improved economic efficiency for forest growers, creating a concentrated source of raw materials for factories producing and processing export wood products and protecting the ecological environment.

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