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Hung My promotes local black pig farming

TQO - In order to improve local people's incomes, Hung My Commune in Chiem Hoa District has been encouraging local households to implement a safe black pig farming model while maintaining a stable output for black pork.

There are 70 households in Cao Binh Hamlet raising black pigs, with a total of 270 heads. In the last two years, the price of black pork has increased sharply, encouraging local farmers to increase their pig herds. As a result, a lot of local households have moved out of poverty thanks to black pig farming. The hamlet has now only 29 poor households, a decrease of 11 households compared to 2019.

Mr. Quan Van Dung’s family in Nam Kep Hamlet, Hung My Commune, Chiem Hoa District raising black pigs with a semi-grazing model.

From the farmer support fund of the provincial Farmers’ Union, six member households are being provided with loans to develop their black pig farming. Each year, these households sell about 30-35 pigs for pork on average, earning nearly VND80 million each year.

Native black hogs are quite easy to raise and adaptable to the severe weather conditions in the uplands. The main sources of black pig feed are agricultural byproducts, vegetables, forest grass and bananas. The black pork price is always stable at between VND100,000 - VND150,000 per kilogram.

In recent years, Hung My Commune has focused on supporting local farmers to increase their black pig herds and has opened training courses on pig farming techniques. The total number of black pigs in the commune is now at more than 1,000.

In order to make black pig farming a suitable method of both poverty reduction and increased incomes for local farmers, the commune has set out the key task of developing and expanding the local black pig farming model in the coming years, thereby establishing this native pig as typical product of the commune.

Cao Huy

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