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Dream of yellow flower tea

TQO - Currently, the yellow flower tea garden of Mr. Luong Tien Trung, Ham Ech village, Thuong Am commune has more than 10,000 large and small trees, of which 60% of the area has been harvested.

Mr. Luong Tien Trung, Ham Ech village, Thuong Am commune (Son Duong) takes care of the yellow camellia tree.

With 6 yellow flower camellia lines: Ba Che (Quang Ninh), Tam Dao hakoda (Vinh Phuc), Cuc Phuong camellia (Ninh Binh); Split leaf gourd neck, round leaf gourd neck with purple stem (Tuyen Quang), long leaf gourd neck (Bac Giang). Not only yellow flower tea, his garden also grows many other medicinal herbs such as: Monkey bone, golden orchid, etc.

After being harvested, yellow flower tea is pre-processed and packaged at the factory before being supplied to consumers. Currently, every year he collects 70 - 80 kg of dried tea buds, with a selling price of VND9 million - VND13 million per kg of dried flowers.

In addition to harvesting flowers, the leaves of the yellow flower tea tree also have quite high medicinal properties, can be used to make extracts, or sold dried leaves for VND400,000 - VND600,000 per kg of dry leaves. Yellow flower tea products are not only present in the provincial market, but are also ordered by tea shops and OCOP stores in many provinces and cities in the country.

Yellow flower tea products of Cao Lan ATK Traditional Medicine and Martial Arts Cooperative.

Mr. Trung said that he established the Cao Lan ATK Traditional Medicine and Martial Arts Cooperative, with 10 members, gradually building the yellow flower tea brand.

Up to now, he has provided people in the commune with more than 3,000 seedlings, many families have boldly renovated mixed gardens to grow yellow flower tea. The entire process of producing and processing yellow flower tea is carried out by the cooperative according to traditional methods to preserve the natural flavor in each petal and tea leaf.

Currently, tea bud products have been issued codes, barcodes, product traceability stamps and have Intellectual Property certification and product trademarks. This is also a product built by Thuong Am commune to meet 3-star OCOP standards in 2024.

Ly Thu

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