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Attractive consumer loan interest rates

TQO - Commercial banks in the province deploy many preferential loan packages for businesses and consumers to stimulate investment and develop production and business.

Accordingly, last week, consumer loan packages received special attention from customers with interest rates ranging from 6.5% to 7.2% each year for a period of 3 to 5 years. The most attractive interest rate is currently 6.5% for the first year of the loan being applied by Agribank Tuyen Quang, helping consumers invest in buying cars, repairing houses and many other legal purposes. Consumer loan interest rates decreased by about 0.5% each year compared to before.

Selling prices of gasoline and oil last week were managed in the direction of increasing gasoline prices and decreasing oil prices. Specifically, the price of E5 gasoline increased to VND23,620 per liter. RON95 gasoline price was raised to VND24,810 per liter. On the contrary, diesel price decreased to VND20,690 per liter. Kerosene price dropped to VND20,870 per liter.

Shops selling fashion and clothing have reduced prices right from the beginning of the summer. In Tuyen Quang city, at Owen store, shirt prices decreased from VND259,000 to VND181,000 per shirt; Aristino, Tokyo life, Nha Be, Viet Tien also offer quite strong discounts, from 30 to 50% for each product. Refrigeration products for summer are also starting to be exciting, but current prices are still the same as last year, with no fluctuations.

Thanh Thanh

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