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Enhancing the quality of agricultural products

TQO - As Director of Minh Thao Agricultural Products and Medicinal Cooperative, Tan Thanh commune (Ham Yen), Ms. Luong Minh Thao, has managed the cooperative to gradually affirm its position in the hearts of consumers with clean and high-quality products, contributing to raising the level of Vietnamese agricultural products in general and Tuyen Quang agricultural products in particular.

Ms. Luong Minh Thao, Director of Minh Thao Agricultural and Medicinal Products Cooperative (Ham Yen) checks the product before selling.

With the desire to bring consumers clean, quality agricultural products, in 2012 Minh Thao Agricultural and Medicinal Products Production Facility was established. In 2022 she established Minh Thao Agricultural Products and Medicinal Cooperative. The main industry is the production of dried sliced oranges and dried sliced lemons.

After more than 10 years of operation, the cooperative has now linked production with hundreds of households in highland communes of Ham Yen district. In addition to developing the above products, Ms. Thao is constantly researching and developing new products such as orange syrup, lotus leaf tea, lotus flower tea, dried papaya flowers, kumquat syrup, dried dragon fruit, dried pineapple, yellow flower tea, etc.

Some dried products of the cooperative.

The first criterion that she and the cooperative aim for is to protect the health of producers and consumers. The cooperative's crop products are all produced according to VietGAP standards, with strict control, ensuring environmental hygiene, labor hygiene and safety, and food hygiene and safety.

“If we want to go on this path for a long time, we must make good products. Money will come after I meet those criteria," Thao said.

Customers learn about and choose to buy products from the cooperative.

After 12 years of accompanying farmers in the fields, the sweet fruits that she and the members of the cooperative received were not only profits and enrichment on their homeland, but above all, a brand of clean, safe agricultural products and the trust of consumers.

Hai Huong

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