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Unique mushroom model grown with cotton

TQO - Not growing mushrooms with straw as usual, the oyster mushroom farm of My Anh Clean Mushroom Cooperative, Dong Loi commune (Son Duong) is grown from cotton seeds. This is also the first product to date to be certified as an OCOP product in this locality.

Mr. Nguyen Van Anh checks oyster mushrooms at the farm.

Looking at the appearance, Nguyen Van Anh, Director of My Anh Clean Mushroom Cooperative is gentle and meek like the products he makes.

In the years 2015 - 2016, through the media, he began to pay attention to information about mushroom growing models outside the province. Realizing that growing mushrooms can be grown right in the garden, and taking advantage of the raw material source of straw in the countryside, he went to Hanoi, registering for a mushroom growing class organized by the Hanoi Academy of Agriculture.

After a year of failure in growing mushrooms, his family continued to learn and rebuild the cotton growing model.

My Anh Cooperative's mushroom farm uses cotton seeds to replace straw to grow oyster mushrooms.

Starting from 2018, Anh and his wife collected the first batches of mushrooms. From the initial 5 - 700 bags of mushrooms, the farm gradually expanded its scale, currently each batch grows over 20,000 bags of mushrooms.

“Mushrooms grown with cotton have many advantages: they are easy to make and yield high yields. The price and source of cotton scraps are relatively stable, buying and transporting cotton is easy and does not depend on the season like when using straw. Growing straw mushrooms from cotton fibers has 4-5 times more nutritional content, the level of food hygiene and safety is also better than straw, and the products made are also more aesthetically pleasing" - Ms. Nguyen Thi My, Anh's wife shared.

Mr. Nguyen Van Anh (left) introduces mushroom products grown with cotton.

On average, each year the Cooperative supplies the market with more than 75 tons of products, with an average selling price of VND30,000 per kg. At the end of 2023, for the first time, My Anh Cooperative brought oyster mushroom products to the district's OCOP assessment and was certified 3 stars.

After 7 years of starting a business, his mushroom farm had a stable output, as the market gradually expanded from Dong Loi, Son Duong to Tuyen Quang City, Phu Tho, Ha Giang. His farm also creates jobs for 2-3 local workers.

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