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Agricultural production associates with consumption

TQO - The development of agricultural commodity associated with product consumption is Tuyen Quang's primary goal in restructuring their agricultural sector that has so far already realised many important achievements.

From the serious and effective implementation of projects, localities have built specialized cultivation areas focusing on key crops such as tea, oranges and breeding buffalo and specialties fish; contributing to creating jobs, increase the average income for people, and ensuring income criteria as well as reducing poverty.

The whole province now has more than 8,000 hectares of oranges, nearly 9,000 hectares of tea are under organic production, VietGAP. These are the products with the most stable output for farmers because there is a contract of consumption between the producer and the enterprise. These products are currently available in many demanding markets throughout the country and abroad.

Breeding buffaloes and cows with fattening practices of Tien Thanh High-Tech Cooperative
in Chiem Hoa district.

Development of breeding has formed in each region, suitable to the conditions and advantages of each locality. Accordingly, raising buffaloes, cows and pigs is concentrated in Lam Binh, Na Hang, Chiem Hoa, Ham Yen, Yen Son and Son Duong districts; developing dairy cows in Yen Son and Son Duong districts; raising chickens and raising ducks in Lam Binh, Ham Yen and Chiem Hoa districts; and raising specialty fish in Chiem Hoa, Na Hang, Lam Binh districts.

The highlight in the province's livestock sector in 2019 is the production organisation associated with the product consumption market, with a large-scale,  no longer a minor scale as it was previously. Typically, the chain of raising buffaloes and cows with fattening practices of Tien Thanh High-Tech Cooperative with a scale of nearly 2,000 in Yen Son, Chiem Hoa and Lam Binh districts.

In 2019, the province's growth rate reached 8.05%; the industrial production value reached VND 15,660 billion; the production value of agro-forestry-fishery reached VND8,407 billion; with an average income per capita of VND 39 million per year.

Song Gam

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