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Discovering the village fair in Hung Loi Commune

TQO - The village fair in Hung Loi Commune, Yen Son District takes place every Saturday. In recent years, the village fair has become a familiar destination of many tourists to discover and experience upland culture.

The fair is opened only one a week. In spite of the long distances, many people who live in remote areas in the communes of Trung Minh, Trung Son, Kim Quan, Dao Vien and Cong Da still spend several hours walking to the market from the early morning.

The village fair in Hung Loi Commune takes place on every Saturday.

One impressive thing for visitors when arriving the fair is that the roads leading to Hung Loi market are filled with the colourful brocade clothes of Mong women who are going to the market. The image of Mong girls in their colourful traditional costumes has attracted a lot of tourists.

The village fair is divided into different sections including food, grocery and garment areas. The products displayed at the market are mainly local agricultural products such as cat ear mushroom, chinese black mushroom, pork, chickens, upland sticky rice, steam fish, honey and many kinds of forest vegetables.  

The place used to be a famous buffalo market, attracting many traders. The buffalo market is now not as crowded as before, but local people still often come here for buffalo trading in order to increase their incomes.

Nobody remembers when the Hung Loi fair started, but since its establishment, the market has become a place for the locals to exchange goods and culture, contributing to preserving the identity of ethnic minorities in the ATK region.

Hoang Anh

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