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Tien Cave in jungle of northeast region

TQO - Dubbed as Phong Nha Cave in the jungle of the northeast region, Tien (Fairy) Cave in Thong Nhat Hamlet, Yen Phu Commune, Ham Yen District, has won the hearts of many tourists.

Located inside Chan Quy Mountain, the cave is sandwiched between Da Den and Bach Ma mountains. Visitors to the cave can admire the beauty of the massive mountainous areas and fruit tree growing areas laden with dragon fruit and guava.

Tien Cave complex in Thong Nhat Hamlet, Yen Phu Commune, Ham Yen District.

Climbing rough rocky steps and descending the Co Don slope there is a flagstone which looks like a woman standing on the side of the road with tearful eyes.

In addition, the Thuy Cung (Aquarium) Cave is another attractive destination for holidaymakers. The water from the heart of rocky mountains converges into an underground stream which is exposed at the mouth of the cave. This water resource is full all year round and is warm in winter and cool in summer. As there are a lot of shrimp at the cave entrance, the cave is called Shrimp Cave by local people.

Visitors can also explore other gorgeous caves inside the Tien Cave complex, including Thach Sanh, Dan Da and Thien Quang. Inside the caves, there are many strange shapes created by thousand-year-old stalactites. A Stone Turtle God with an imposing posture sits on the top of the mountain.

It is certain that Tien Cave is a shouldn’t miss destination for tourists who want to discover the beauty of Tuyen Quang Province.

Hoang Anh

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