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Tuyen Quang Province promotes patriotic emulation movements

TQO - Over the past recent years, patriotic emulation movements in Tuyen Quang Province have seen many positive achievements.

In term of economic development, the agriculture-forestry-fishery sector has witnessed robust changes towards concentrated and specialised production in line with the building of new-style rural areas. The production value of the agro-forestry-fishery sector has recorded an annual average increase of 4%.

Trademark registration and brand promotion in the locality have been also enhanced. The province has 47 branded agricultural products and 47 facilities whose products have been stamped for traceability, thus meeting the requirements of domestic and export markets.   

Workers at Tuyen Quang LGG Garment Company engage in production activities.

The province has solidified 1,004 kilometres of canals, built 934 cultural houses in communes and hamlets, and concretised 633 kilometres of interior field roads to facilitate production activity.

Regarding the health sector, public health care facilities have received investment to upgrade their infrastructure while non-public facilities have also been encouraged to develop. Qualified medical workers and doctors have been increased in both quantity and quality.

In addition, jobs have been created for over 114,000 employees in the province over the past 5 years. By the end of 2019, the province’s overall poverty rate had decreased to 11.8%.

To sum up, the emulation movements across several sectors and fields have contributed to promoting production and business activities in the locality, thereby helping to realise the province’s socio-economic development goals.

Bang Quoc Viet

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