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The story of "artists" on the street

TQO - Thanks to the creativity and meticulousness of street artisans, many unique and giant models of mid-autumn lanterns are paraded throughout streets in Tuyen Quang during the mid-autumn festival season.

Pham Ngoc Toan, in Group 15, Phan Thiet Ward, shared that to make models, a craftsman like him must choose a traditional, educational and aesthetic theme. This is the reason that the models in the festival are always close to people, especially children.

"Artisan" Pham Ngoc Toan in Phan Thiet Ward, Tuyen Quang City decorates a giant light model for Tuyen Quang Festival 2022.

Recently, in addition to legendary figures in the history and characters in fairy tales, the image of a soldier protecting security and the country's borders has also been depicted.

Toan said that every year, he and his team produce about 50-60 models. However, there are no duplicate models in terms of size, design, and charisma.

Previously, the materials for making models were mainly foam and bamboo. Recently, the materials have been changed to ensure more durability and higher safety such as iron, steel, bamboo, mica plastic.

Toan revealed that he has also applied 3D technology - the most advanced technology to create shapes of lights, making them more sophisticated and attractive.

According to "artisan" Ta Trung Kien in Group 4, Tan Quang Ward, Tuyen Quang City, it is not easy to make a model. This work needs to the cooperation of many people.

The time to make a model lasts from 5 days to 20 days, depending on the size, detail and sophistication of the model.

Thanh Tuyen Festival in 2022 has nearly 100 models. This shows the extremely rich creativity of "artisans" like Toan and Kien and partners. These "artisans" have brought happy and impressive Mid-Autumn Festival to children. Especially, they have contributed significantly to creating a festival of colours - a unique tourism product that attracts tourists.

Doan Thu

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