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Impressions of Hanoi Beer Festival and Tuyen Quang Cuisine

TQO - On September 3 - September 4, at the Provincial Centre for Culture, Sports and Youth, Tuyen Quang Provincial People's Committee in collaboration with Hanoi Beer - Alcohol - Beverage Corporation (HABECO) held a program "Exhibition and introduction of cuisine of ethnic groups in Tuyen Quang Province" and Beer Festival in 2022.

More than 6,000 people attended the festival. In addition to drinking beer, visitors also enjoy the unique cuisine of 7 districts and city in the province.

Food stalls of Lam Binh District sell many typical dishes of the highlands, such as five-colour sticky rice, dried buffalo meat, ant's egg cake, 'day' cake, etc.

Many tourists come to enjoy Hanoi Beer Festival and Tuyen Quang Cuisine.

Visitors come to each stall to choose their favourite dishes.

Tourists enjoy the festive atmosphere of the festival.

Na Hang District introduces many fish dishes from the ecological lake bed.

The stalls of OCOP products from Tuyen Quang are interested by local people and tourists.

Quang Hoa

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