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Local people in Yen Son preserves stilt houses

TQO - In the modern rhythm of life, ethnic minorities in Yen Son District have still preserved their unique stilt houses.

The traditional stilt house of the Dao ethnic group in Da Ban 1 Hamlet, My Bang Commune (Yen Son).

Chairman of My Bang Commune People's Committee Ly Van Huynh, said that the commune has nearly 1,500 stilt houses. Therefore, the commune always encourages ethnic minority families to actively preserve, repair and renew their stilt houses. Not only in My Bang, many communes of Yen Son District still keep many traditional stilt houses of ethnic minorities.

In recent years, the Culture and Information Decision of Yen Son District has advised the District Party Committee to issue a thematic resolution on preserving and promoting the cultural identities of ethnic groups in the locality. In particular, in the project of preserving national cultural values, the district focuses on preserving and promoting the national cultural identity with tourism development.

Currently, the district is implementing the project of Cao Lan ethnic culture village in Dong Son Hamlet, Chan Son Commune associated with community tourism development. Dong Son Cultural Village has 126 households, of which 100 households still live in traditional stilt houses, and 5 households have stilt houses for community tourism. Local people have integrated and promoted the values of the house on stilts to develop tourism services such as rebuilding the fire bathing festival of the Cao Lan people, bathing in medicinal herbs of the Cao Lan people, singing Cao Lan songs, playing folk games, etc.

Hoang Thi Hoa in Dong Son Hamlet, Chan Son Commune excitedly said that her stilt house has been attached to her family members for more than 40 years. On the occasion of Thanh Tuyen Festival in 2022, her family's stilt house welcomed dozens of tourists to relax, experience culinary culture, and listen to Sing Ca.

Although the land and people of Yen Son today have changed a lot, the stilt houses and living spaces of the ethnic minorities have still preserved and promoted, attracting a lot of visitors.

Minh Thuy

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