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Ensuring human rights in the field of religion

TQO - In recent times, Vietnam has continued to make many efforts to ensure human rights, including always paying attention to implementing the people's freedom of belief and religion.

The Party and the State have also strengthened international cooperation to find a common direction, eliminating prejudices, incorrect perceptions and assessments of some individuals and organizations about the religious situation in Vietnam.

Along with the development and innovation of the country, the spiritual life and beliefs of Vietnamese people have changed a lot, from which the Party and the State must do better in religious work and national unity in the new situation.

In that spirit, Vietnam has been perfecting its legal system, creating a legal corridor to ensure freedom of religious belief for the people, focusing on the 2016 Law on Belief and Religion. Thanks to the correct policies of the Party and State, Vietnam's religious life continues to develop more and more vividly and diversely.

Hoang Bach

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